Dashboard not seeing entity data

I’m trying to work out an issue I’m having with a dashboard - basically the ‘History Graph Card’ that lists entities, shows “no state history found”.

If I create a new card and just have one device listed, it shows the history correctly (inc. in preview).
But as soon as I add a second, “no state history found” (inc. in preview)
This is duplicatable if I create a new dashboard too.

As extra diagnosis to check if data exists, checking the history function and select a device I’m tracking, it does show the history fine, so the data is indeed there.

The only changes in the last 24 hours from when it was working was the 2021.12.7 update, me separating the config files out, removing Dwains and adding a config for the logger (to default the log type to warning, and setting specific log types to error and above)
…so nothing that would obviously break it.

Anyone got any ideas on what could be causing this?


ok, interesting -
Despite it working fine for weeks, commenting out “- device_tracker*” from the recorder exclusions, removing logger & history configs, appears to have fixed it.

Why is this?
I thought the recorder exclusions just excluded from writing to the database? Logger just set what system level things were logged to disk & history just allowed filtering of the history review?

Difficult to answer w/o any code provided.
Imho in general (experts, please correct me):

  1. Excluding a sensor from Recorder = there is no records for this sensor in History & Logbook (as well as in history-graph & logbook cards).
  2. Excluding from History & keeping in Recorder = no graphs in History page, but graphs may be built by appropriate cards like history-graph, mini-graph-card.
  3. Excluding from Logbook & keeping in Recorder = no logs in Logbook page, but logs may be got by logbook card.