Dashboard working on one tablet but not on another

Have a curious one here and I haven’t had much luck using the correct search terminology to land on an appropriate answer to why this is happening. I have two tablets running. One is a FireHD 8 Plus (2022 model) and the other is a hacked Lenovo ThinkSmart View. Opening a new custom dashboard on the FireHD 8 works fine but opening the exact same dashboard on the Lenovo gives me an error that states: “Custom element doesn’t exist: button-card”

Can anyone explain what I’m missing here? The dashboard works and looks perfectly fine on both my computer where I created it, as well as on the FireHD8 tablet. Why wouldn’t the exact same dashboard work on the Lenovo (all other dashboards works as expected on both devices).

For both tablets, I am using Fully Kiosk.

Any insight someone could provide would be greatly appreciated!

Update webview

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Yes that ended up being the issue. I rebuilt the Lenovo TouchSmart View tablets with Lineage OS and was able to side load the updated WebView. That resolved the issue just nicely.

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