Data from an entity shared with Google Assistant?

Hey guys!

I am currently using routines to trigger booleans on Home Assistant in order to start actions on it. For example, I am currently getting bus arrival times on Home Assistant and, for reasons that amazes me, Google Assistant, despite the data being available on Maps, isn’t capable of giving such arrival times when asked. So, I got around that by setting a routine that triggers Home Assistant to generate a response using TTS.

I do wonder however, is there anyway to share that data from an entity with Google Assistant?
Because right now, when I trigger that routine, on my phone it says “It’s done.” and my speaker is triggered by TTS.

What I’d like is for Google Assistant to show the response on my screen.

PS: I do know how to get around that (making HA to send a notification as well as TTS), I just wondered if that’s something Google allowed.