DD-WRT presence (device tracker) working only for wireless clients - Not by Cable

This is a problem that I have since many many versions before since last year when I started using home assistant. I could not solve this problem. Yesterday I updated all my HA installation since I was using 0.58.1 and could not update without an OS update including Phyton v3.5. So I had a fresh install (0.70.1) and I had some problems that I could solve by myself. But this one persists and I cannot find a way to solve it.

Wireless clients work fine.
Cabled clients, like TV and computers don´t. (they all are reported as “Not Home”.

I´m using Hassbian Stretch and DD-WRT component.
I would appreciate any tip that you may think about.

personally, I’d say drop the DD-WRT detection and go with something like NMAP/Ping. I used DD-WRT/Tomato/Netgear detection and everything was always flaky. NMAP and Ping just work.