Debugging hassio command outputs

I’ve broken my hassio after updating to 83 but I can’t work out whats going on. Can anybody help with how to debug this a bit.

When I run “hassio ha logs” I get the following error:

ResponseBody -> ‘Fatal Python Error: Py_Initalise: unable to get locale encoding’

Is there any way to look at the “logs” the homeassistant.log in /config has not been touched since the upgrade.

Do you use owntracks? If so, it needs to be removed from your configuration and then added back using Integrations in the UI.

Thanks cogneato,
i saw that in another thread so have already removed that. I’m just a bit stuck now as I can’t work out how to tell what is wrong as aything that comes back from hassio is just an error about parsing json.

Is there a way to see the hassio process logs?

Ssh in and look at /config/home-assistant.log

Nothing has written to that file since the upgrade. I don’t think it’s getting that far.