Deco M4 don't use ethernet backhal in router wireless mode

I have 3 deco M4 mesh network. Deco M4 main is at 1st floor. One slave deco M4 is at kitchen on ground floor. Another one slave M4 is in my bedroom on 2nd floor. I want use ethernet backhal through port in wall mount for deco M4 in my bedroom, but it showed that just use wireless mesh connection. It don’t use ethernet backhal to connect with main deco M4 (distance from slave deco m4 to main deco m4 through switch tp-link 1 gigabit is around 20m). I’ve already test slave deco m4 to main deco using another wall port in the same 1st floor with main deco (around 10m), it showed that it use etherhet for connection. But in the access point mode, slave deco m4 at my bedroom which showed that it use ethernet for connection.I don’t know what happened?

Is there any expert from tp-link help me how to use ethernet connection for my slave deco in my bedroom?

Again thanks very much for your sharing.

Not sure why you ask a very specific hardware question about a mesh router on a community forum of Home Assistant, when it has nothing to do with Home Assistant. I have the Deco M4 mesh routers myself and had issues with the router randomly refusing internet connection. I called TP-Link (the manufacturer) directly and they have helped me with it. They also explained to me why it was happening, which was great since I now understand why I was getting the issue.

TL/DR: you should call TP Link because this has nothing to do with Home Assistant. This will get you better help, faster.

Thank for your sharing. I post in this because i see another post about deco m5. And i see tp-link support that guy solved his problem. I’m sorry if i post in wrong place. I’ve already called to tp-link in Vietnam ( i’m in Vietnam) but they don’t know what exactly to solved my problem. They told that this is the first case with them.

Again thank for your remind.

Perhaps this link will provide some support: General questions about Ethernet Backhaul feature on your Deco | TP-Link

It should work though. Perhaps you need to reset factory settings or switch the units and make a different one the main one. To test if all units react the same.

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