deCONZ Addon works but Phoscon Integration fails to install

Hi everyone!

After updating to the latest Core and Supervisor version, as well as to the latest deCONZ Addon version, my Phoscon integration does not work anymore.
The Phoscon WebUI works perfectly fine and I see all my devices and I can control them.

But when I add the Phoscon Integration it finishes with success but appears with no devices. Also if I click on Options it just says “Please wait while the integration is being installed” and now stays in this state.

I’m running core-2021.2.3, supervisor-2021.02.6 and deCONZ 6.7.0.

I couldn’t find any error in the deCONZ log as well as in the System log. So I really don’t know how to further troubleshoot this issue.

Any help is welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Oh yeah I tried to re-install the integration multiple times with restarts in between. But the outcome was always the same.

Hi, did you solve this? I am struggling with the same problem but I haven’t updated anything recently that I’m aware of. THe only thing I’ve done recently is delete my z-wave integration to start trying to migrate over to the new JS one.

The Phoscon web app works fine, and the deCONZ interface via VNC also works fine – so the stick and the zigbee network are working OK. I can see the devices, entities etc in HA but they are all greyed out. The entities have the red anticlockwise circle labelled “restored” under status, and they report as unavailable/orphan waiting to be removed.

When I click options under the integration, I get the same “Please wait while the integration is being installed” dialog (which won’t ever seem to finish)


Hi bazyr, sorry for the quite late reply!

Actually the devices showed up everytime after a reboot eventually but it took really long, like hours long…
In the meantime I switched to Unraid, have HA as a VM and a seperate deconz docker for the dongle. Which now works without any issue so far.