Deconz Color change not reflected in HA UI


iam running Deconz with Conbee 2 on HA for quite some time. Recently i noticed that color changes of Bulbs or not, or very delayed reflected in the UI.

Eg. i use the HA Dashboard and change the Color of an Blub, the color of the bulb changes but the UI still shows the old color or some other color which is completely different, sometimes the UI updates after some time (mulitple secounds) but must of the time it stays with the wrong color.

So the update in reality works but the color is not correctly updated for the UI in ha. This means the communication between HA and Deconz works for changing the device state but it looks like the updated state is not given back to HA.

Iam using HA as a VM with Deconz installed as an addon in HA.

I did some testing and it looks like the state of the color is not updated in Deconz if you change it in HA.
So i change the color via the HA Dashboard from green to red, the bulb changes color in HA it stays red. If i go to Deconz its also still shown as red but the really color is green. If i change the color directly in Deconz the color updated in Deconz, but HA still shows the old color.


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