deConz Conbee II update

I wanted to connect my Aqara E1 to Home Assistant. I have a conbee II with deConz installed.
It says that the firmware is 264A0700 and that I can update it to 26720700. But when I try to update it the system hangs. I need to reboot my proxmox virtual machine to get it going again.
Now I have read somewhere that you don’t need to update it because that is managed by the HA deConz integration.
I wan’t it to be the latest firmware to maximize the compatibility with my devices.

Does anyone know if I need to update it through deConz (Phoscon) and if, how to do it?


The aqara E1 is working perfectly. I would still like to know if I need to update the firmware of the conbee II or that it will be automatically done by the deConz integration.

Did you manage to update?
It’s nearly 2024 and I’m stuck at 264A0700.