deCONZ Conbee setup help


I just got my Conbee Zigbee USB stick today but i am having trouble setting it up.

I have HA 0.73 in a docker on a Ubuntu 16.04 NUC.

First I installed the docker from marthoc/docker-deconz and set my docker_compose.yaml as-

    image: marthoc/deconz
    container_name: deconz
    network_mode: host
    restart: always
      - "8103:443"
      - "8100:80"
      - /opt/deconz:/root/.local/share/dresden-elektronik/deCONZ
      - /dev/ttyUSB1
      - DECONZ_WEB_PORT=8100
      - DECONZ_WS_PORT=8103
      - DEBUG_INFO=1
      - DEBUG_APS=0
      - DEBUG_ZCL=0
      - DEBUG_ZDP=0
      - DEBUG_OTAU=0

I had to set the Devices to /dev/ttyUSB1 because i am using /dev/ttyUSB0 for my RFXCOM.
Ran the docker_compose and then add the deCONZ to the ‘Set up a new integration’ in HA
and then set the deCONZ web page to
Allow authentification for 3rd party apps for 60 seconds. and HA had set up the config.

Rebooted HA and got

2018-07-07 18:10:57 INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.binary_sensor] Setting up binary_sensor.deconz
2018-07-07 18:10:57 INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.scene] Setting up scene.deconz
2018-07-07 18:10:57 INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.light] Setting up light.deconz

So i tried to add some IKEA lights (doing a reset on the Light) using the Phoscon App web page but
nothing appears. So i stopped the docker and tried the deCONZ software.

I managed to see all my lights using the deCONZ software which means the Conbee USB is working.
Put back to the Docker and restarted but still cant see any lights from within the docker.

So any help would be most grateful.


Remember that when you restart your machine there is no guarantee that any usbdevice will keep its enumeration eg usb0 or usb1

A user has identified that you can remap a USB point into the docker container

See this issue for more details


Thanks @Robban
I will have a go at this but at moment I have the Conbee connected to my Windows Pc and linked to HA (NUC) and all is working fine.