Deconz Conbee2 unvisible enitities in overview

I just started up with Home assistant on Raspery Pi 4B 4 G Ram. I configured for Z-wave and it worked like a charm. I am now trying to make the combination Deconz ConBee2 Ikea Trådfri work. I t was not that easy.
Home Assistant installed manually acording to
DEconz ConBee2 installed according to
All SW and the Conbee is updated.
Now to my problem.

  1. The On/off Trådfri is visible in Units, Entities and Automations ( I can edit the code under Automations). The controlling code in automations.yaml works but neither the automations nor the Trådfri units are visible in the Overview (all z-wave units and Automations are visible).
    2 I have to re- integrate the Deconz after reboot.
    Does anyone recognize my problem or have a solution. If so I would be very greatful
    Have a nice day / Gunnar