Deconz does not expose light color attributes?

Hi, I have set up some Hue color lights via conbee and deconz. These work fine individually, and can be used as color lights, however, they do not expose their colors as attributes, so these cannot be used in automations.

Even when on, and set to a color, they just show the following attributes:
min_mireds: 153
max_mireds: 500
brightness: 131
color_temp: 153
effect_list: colorloop
friendly_name: loungecolourhue1
supported_features: 63

Thus I cannot use their colours to control other lights, as I would like.

Does anyone know how I can get deconz and Home Assistant to play together nicely with the colours?


Thanks for reporting!

This is fixed on the dev branch. Expect it to be part of next release

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Thanks Robban. Is that the next release of Home Assistant, the deconz plugin, or deconz itself?



Home assistant

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I’m a newcomer so probably I will need basic help.
I have 2 Phillips extended colour conected to a raspbee and connected to HA v0.73.1 through deCONZ v 2.05.23.

I have detected an entity that fits one of my bulbs even it’s not named as the deCONZ bulb but not the other.
I find both bulbs in the normal entity without the colour extended

I need it to automate some scenes.

Thanks for your help.


Please rephrase your text. It is not cohesive right now. What is your issue, what do you want help with?

Well. I’m missing one entity of 2 to control extended color bulbs.

What I have seen is one bulb has 2 entities (one with extended control and one with normal control) and the other one 1 (normal control). Both bulbs are same model from Phillips

I can’t describe better as English isn’t my usual language.

It is really weird if one light gets two entities


I was travelling and unable to get more information

Probably this is because I’m new with this but honestly, I don’t understand the phylosofy behind this.

I have light.light3 and light.light4 that are phillips extended color bulbs but in HA they are recogniced as any other bulb just color temperature is available and then there is light.rwl021_7 that has extended color information as xy_color, rgb_color and always is like a group but it’s not created by me.

I will try a different way to get information from each bulb individually.

so the light.rwl021 is a type of group generally created when you have a remote control with lights to it I think