DeConz does not start

After upgrading to the latest version of HASSIO and deconz i cannot make my conbee work. The DeConz app doesn’t start.
Every time i’m trying to connect to phoscon app it says wrong password, i cannot reset and even when I put it on my windows machine and set it up again from the webapp when i went again to phoscon app it was saying that the password -which i just had set- was wrong.

Pinging @marthocoo, any idea about this?

Just had the same problem. Turned out that deconz_device under config was set to null.

Changed it to “/dev/ttyUSB0” (might be something else for you), saves and restarted the entire host. After that, it worked as it should again


Sounds like there’s a lot going on. What platform? Not sure why you’d be able to access Phoscon but it won’t let you log in, that sounds like a problem with deCONZ and not the add-on specifically.

Version 2.05.39 of my add-on did have a “breaking” change in the sense that it’s now mandatory to specify the deconz device in the config, in an effort to support deCONZ’s new dev command line option. Still haven’t heard back from someone using multiple USB devices whether this solves the problem.

Anyway, also check your config to make sure the device name is specified.

Ok that worked. Now i have to figure out what else I’ve done and repair it!! :stuck_out_tongue:

@marthocoocant you keep the default value for conbee s
As to not be a breaking change? Make it seamless for most and a possibility for others