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Ouch, found it… it’s the browser. Opened Phoscon in Safari and when I refreshed I saw a menu glitching. Then I tried in Chrome, got a login screen and everything seems to be working.


Another question: I’ve installed deconz successfully and I’m able to open the Phoscon interface, but I can’t pair any lights. The logs don’t show anything unusual and the Raspbee shows a continuous red LED which should indicate everything’s ok. I’ve tried two Ikea lights and an Osram light, none were discovered during multiple tries. I’ve even installed the official Dresden Elektronik Raspbian image on a separate RasPi but there I have the same issues.

I know this is not a HA issue but I’m not sure where else to ask for help. If you have an answer or can point me in the right way I’ll be equally thankful :wink:


Can you see if you actually have a channel specified inside of deconz? If you don’t have a channel or if channel is 0 that means the hardware isn’t recognised.


hey @marthocoo ! when do you think you can bump the version to 2.05.50 ? I know, i know, it was just released yesterday, but it adds support to a bunch of Aqara switches that people been waiting for months now. :smiley: thank you so much for your plugin, by the way.


I wouldn’t know where to check that tbh, I’ve looked at several places but couldn’t find the info. The Phoscon interface is only showing the “you need to add a light” visuals.


Hi Michiel,

Same issue here, just go to http://hassio.local:8080/pwa to get to the main menu and exit from “add light menu”.
Then you can navigate into you gateway.


Found it, thx so much! @Robban it seems you’re right, the menu shows channel “0”. Any idea if this is a problem with the Raspbee or with the RasPi? I tried installing the deconz Raspbian distro on a different Pi and managed to get a light recognized there. If it’s a problem with the Pi I could switch them out (which I was considering anyway, it’s an upgrade that I’ve been postponing :wink: ). Thx again!


I only have basic knowledge about since I run it all stand alone. Hope other people on this thread can help you with diagnosing the details.


The version has been bumped on both my docker and hassio addon repos.


Did you have a look on the add-on documentation? I’m certain there is a special section for Raspbee. A special config that needs to be used. Maybe that’s what you’re missing. (Something about turning Bluetooth off, if I’m not mistaken)


I think you mean this part (for future reference). I did that but when I get home later today I’ll double check it, haven’t looked into this for a while. However, the hardware is recognized by the system so something is working well there. Thanks though for your comment.


I seem to be having exactly the same problem as you, the only difference that seem to stick out is that the green LED on the Raspbee is flashing fast, no other LED lit. Am familiar with the quirks and lines to add in config.txt so I don’t think it’s that either.

Unfortunately I don’t have much experience with, however are there any typical things that one usually misses that are just too obvious for everyone else?

After reading the manual more carefully… maybe I should update the firmware via GFCflasher, as the LED seems to indicate “No firmware”…


My problem was probably the RPi hardware. Today I switched my Hassio installation to a brand new Pi 3B+ and the Raspbee worked straight away. Thanks for all the help over here :slight_smile:


The Raspbee unit indeed did not come preloaded with firmware, awfully convenient ^^
(Flashing green light may indicate missing firmware beware!)

If you are in a bind, install Raspian/Hasbian etc, and install a new firmware with GCFFlasher, it’s not difficult and the guide in RaspBee PDF works fine.
(While running GCFFlasher you might get an error where it’s missing some IO, type this into the terminal and try again: /sbin/modprobe ftdi_sio)

Instead of having a rapidly flashing green LED, it now flashes a few times during boot and turns on it’s red LED in a fixed manner. This implies that the Raspbee has connected according to the manual, yet I was not able to detect it with Raspberry 3B, however changing to Raspberry 3B+ and updating config.txt for 3B+ and hey presto! It is now detected and it has indeed been able to find the Ikea Trådfri lamp.
(For sanity sake, it is being detected on device: “/dev/ttyAMA0”)

Raspbee PDF:


I have a problem with one of my xiaomi door sensors recently. I use marthocoo addon and added all my xiaomi sensors.
After 5 sensors the deconz couldn’t find new ones. An half an hour later I could add all but one. I waited an hour again and the last sensor was found aswell.
After two hours, this sensor didn’t show the right status anymore (status didn’t change). I forgot to look at the Logs, I just reseted the sensor (pushed the reset button for 10 seconds) and deleted the sensor from the webinterface.
Now the sensor can’t be found anymore.
I read in the dresden-elektronik github, that it could be that the sensor is deleted in the webinterface, but not from the database (Link).
How can I get a look at the database with this add-on?
Do you have other suggestions?


I’ve got the sensor connected again, but I found the problem.
When I first connected the to the mesh, I was near a osram smart plug. This is now the repeater for this sensor.
After the deletion of the sensor, it could only get connected to that smart plug again.
My door is out of the range of the plug, but would be in the range of the conbee stick. But it will not connect automaticly.
Is there any way to change the mesh with this plugin?
As far as I understand, deconz for windows would have the ability.

Edit: I could change the binding! I installed the latest version of deconz to my windows system. I loaded the backup of my home assistant deconz and then changed binding. Afterwards I started deconz on home assistant again and now it works perfect!


I have just updated to lastest firmware, but does anyone else have had reliability problems with Xiaomi contact sensors? Mine seems to work on and off, but the ones closest to the Conbee controller seems very reliable, while the ones going through the mesh of Hue and Ikea bulbs is more unrealiable. I cannot tell if latest firmware has made them more reliable yet.


My xiaomi sensors are working very well. I only have issues with osrams plugs. They lost the connections very often.
So all connected sensors would lose the connection aswell.
With the addon I couldn’t change the mesh connection, so I connected the stick to my windows laptop, imported the latest backup and changed the mesh there.
As said, the sensors are working well, but the osram smart plug has connection issues.


Hi guys,

I’m new to Home Assistant and trying to get my Tradfri light to work.

Before home assistant I was using diyHue with RaspBee / Deconz which worked more or less (lets call it buggy…).

I added marthocs deConz add-on to my home assistant and can open the phoscon app.

But phoscon can’t find any of my tradfri lights (it wasn’t first try with diyHue, too - but it worked after a few tries).
I resetted my bulbs multiple times, tried moving the raspbee near the bulb, nothing works.
On gateway settings it reads the fw “26240500”, so i guess raspbee hardware is detected correct.

Here is the add-on log:

[] Starting deCONZ Addon...
[] Current deCONZ version: 2.05.52
[] Web UI port: 8080
[] Websockets port: 8443
[] deCONZ device: /dev/ttyAMA0
libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
This plugin does not support propagateSizeHints()
This plugin does not support propagateSizeHints()
This plugin does not support propagateSizeHints()
QNetworkReplyImplPrivate::error: Internal problem, this method must only be called once.
13:43:16:908 HTTP Server listen on address, port: 8080, root: /usr/share/deCONZ/webapp/
13:43:16:942 CTRL. 3.16.213:43:17:042 COM: --dev: /dev/ttyAMA0
13:43:17:110 dev /dev/ttyAMA0
13:43:17:110 COM: /dev/ttyAMA0 / serialno: 
13:43:17:111 ZCLDB init file /data/.local/share/dresden-elektronik/deCONZ/zcldb.txt
13:43:17:448 parent process /bin/sh
13:43:17:448 gw run mode: normal
13:43:17:448 GW sd-card image version file does not exist: /data/.local/share/dresden-elektronik/deCONZ/gw-version
13:43:17:448 sd-card cid: 744a60555344202010ffffffff00f77f
13:43:17:451 DB sqlite version 3.16.2
13:43:17:454 DB PRAGMA page_count: 30
13:43:17:454 DB PRAGMA page_size: 4096
13:43:17:454 DB PRAGMA freelist_count: 0
13:43:17:454 DB file size 122880 bytes, free pages 0
13:43:17:454 DB PRAGMA user_version: 6
13:43:17:454 DB cleanup
13:43:17:455 DB create temporary views
13:43:17:467 don't close database yet, keep open for 900 seconds
14:43:17:468 started websocket server at port 8443
14:43:17:477 discovery updated announce interval to 10 minutes
14:43:17:483 found node plugin: - REST API Plugin
14:43:17:490 found node plugin: - Signal Monitor Plugin
14:43:17:522 found node plugin: - STD OTAU Plugin
14:43:17:523 COM: --dev: /dev/ttyAMA0
14:43:17:620 dev /dev/ttyAMA0
14:43:17:620 COM: /dev/ttyAMA0 / serialno: 
14:43:17:908 Device firmware version 0x26240500
14:43:17:938 unlocked max nodes: 200
14:43:18:137 Device protocol version: 0x0108
14:43:18:159 new node - ext: 0x00212effff022e0d, nwk: 0x0000
14:43:18:168 Node: id: 1, 00:21:2e:ff:ff:02:2e:0d (0x00212EFFFF022E0D) scene: -110.000000, 115.000000
14:43:18:173 Node: id: 2, 00:0b:57:ff:fe:d7:90:d8 (0x000B57FFFED790D8) scene: 157.000000, 61.000000
14:43:18:188 Node: id: 3, 90:fd:9f:ff:fe:0f:ae:80 (0x90FD9FFFFE0FAE80) scene: 177.000000, -50.000000
14:43:18:204 Node: id: 4, 00:0b:57:ff:fe:d7:1d:bd (0x000B57FFFED71DBD) scene: 175.000000, -120.000000
14:43:18:218 Node: id: 5, 90:fd:9f:ff:fe:0f:ef:ee (0x90FD9FFFFE0FEFEE) scene: 13.000000, -6.000000
14:43:18:234 Node: id: 6, d0:cf:5e:ff:fe:08:43:c7 (0xD0CF5EFFFE0843C7) scene: -74.000000, -56.000000
14:43:18:250 Node: id: 7, 90:fd:9f:ff:fe:10:a9:d2 (0x90FD9FFFFE10A9D2) scene: 181.000000, -84.000000
14:43:18:265 Node: id: 8, 90:fd:9f:ff:fe:13:f4:75 (0x90FD9FFFFE13F475) scene: 93.000000, 49.000000
14:43:18:283 DB save zll database items 0x00000804
14:43:18:334 DB saved in 51 ms
14:43:18:339 don't close database yet, keep open for 900 seconds
14:43:18:340 DB save zll database items 0x00000800
14:43:18:369 DB saved in 29 ms
14:43:18:372 don't close database yet, keep open for 900 seconds
14:43:18:376 don't close database yet, keep open for 900 seconds
14:43:18:376 DB save zll database items 0x00000800
14:43:18:433 DB saved in 56 ms
14:43:18:436 don't close database yet, keep open for 900 seconds
14:43:18:440 don't close database yet, keep open for 900 seconds
14:43:18:440 DB save zll database items 0x00000800
14:43:18:469 DB saved in 29 ms
14:43:18:472 don't close database yet, keep open for 900 seconds
14:43:18:475 don't close database yet, keep open for 900 seconds
14:43:18:476 DB save zll database items 0x00000800
14:43:18:541 DB saved in 65 ms
14:43:18:545 don't close database yet, keep open for 900 seconds
14:43:18:548 don't close database yet, keep open for 900 seconds
14:43:18:548 DB save zll database items 0x00000800
14:43:18:578 DB saved in 29 ms
14:43:18:581 don't close database yet, keep open for 900 seconds
14:43:18:585 don't close database yet, keep open for 900 seconds
14:43:18:585 DB save zll database items 0x00000800
14:43:18:652 DB saved in 67 ms
14:43:18:655 don't close database yet, keep open for 900 seconds
14:43:18:659 don't close database yet, keep open for 900 seconds
14:43:18:659 DB save zll database items 0x00000800
14:43:18:690 DB saved in 30 ms
14:43:18:693 don't close database yet, keep open for 900 seconds
14:43:18:866 Current channel 11
14:43:18:910 CTRL ANT_CTRL 0x03
14:43:19:001 Device protocol version: 0x0108
14:43:19:142 Current channel 11

I’ve no idea where to look to check what’s the problem.
Does anyone see whats going wrong?

Thanks in advance.


Start by updating the fw