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Ouch, found it… it’s the browser. Opened Phoscon in Safari and when I refreshed I saw a menu glitching. Then I tried in Chrome, got a login screen and everything seems to be working.


Another question: I’ve installed deconz successfully and I’m able to open the Phoscon interface, but I can’t pair any lights. The logs don’t show anything unusual and the Raspbee shows a continuous red LED which should indicate everything’s ok. I’ve tried two Ikea lights and an Osram light, none were discovered during multiple tries. I’ve even installed the official Dresden Elektronik Raspbian image on a separate RasPi but there I have the same issues.

I know this is not a HA issue but I’m not sure where else to ask for help. If you have an answer or can point me in the right way I’ll be equally thankful :wink:


Can you see if you actually have a channel specified inside of deconz? If you don’t have a channel or if channel is 0 that means the hardware isn’t recognised.


hey @marthocoo ! when do you think you can bump the version to 2.05.50 ? I know, i know, it was just released yesterday, but it adds support to a bunch of Aqara switches that people been waiting for months now. :smiley: thank you so much for your plugin, by the way.


I wouldn’t know where to check that tbh, I’ve looked at several places but couldn’t find the info. The Phoscon interface is only showing the “you need to add a light” visuals.


Hi Michiel,

Same issue here, just go to http://hassio.local:8080/pwa to get to the main menu and exit from “add light menu”.
Then you can navigate into you gateway.


Found it, thx so much! @Robban it seems you’re right, the menu shows channel “0”. Any idea if this is a problem with the Raspbee or with the RasPi? I tried installing the deconz Raspbian distro on a different Pi and managed to get a light recognized there. If it’s a problem with the Pi I could switch them out (which I was considering anyway, it’s an upgrade that I’ve been postponing :wink: ). Thx again!


I only have basic knowledge about since I run it all stand alone. Hope other people on this thread can help you with diagnosing the details.


The version has been bumped on both my docker and hassio addon repos.


Did you have a look on the add-on documentation? I’m certain there is a special section for Raspbee. A special config that needs to be used. Maybe that’s what you’re missing. (Something about turning Bluetooth off, if I’m not mistaken)


I think you mean this part (for future reference). I did that but when I get home later today I’ll double check it, haven’t looked into this for a while. However, the hardware is recognized by the system so something is working well there. Thanks though for your comment.


I seem to be having exactly the same problem as you, the only difference that seem to stick out is that the green LED on the Raspbee is flashing fast, no other LED lit. Am familiar with the quirks and lines to add in config.txt so I don’t think it’s that either.

Unfortunately I don’t have much experience with, however are there any typical things that one usually misses that are just too obvious for everyone else?

After reading the manual more carefully… maybe I should update the firmware via GFCflasher, as the LED seems to indicate “No firmware”…