deCONZ - Hue lights turn on slowly compared to Hue Bridge?


I’m using a conbee with deCONZ and I’ve noticed that my Philips Hue lights turn on slowly compared to when I used the Hue Bridge. I’m using the lights with the Hue motion sensor.

Is there any fix to this?

I’m using deCONZ with Philips motion sensors for all my light activations and they are almost instant. I don’t have my Philips hub involved at all. It’s directly through deCONZ. I do run Home Assistant on an Intel NUC now, but I seem to recall that things like that were noticeably slower on a Raspberry Pi. Are you on a Pi perhaps?

yes, I’ve got a Raspberry but this shouldn’t matter since the light management is done directly on the conbee stick. it only gets the power from HA.

The reaction is also instant for me as soon as there is motion. It is just that the light is slowly dimming from low to high.

Did you add:
Transition: 0
to your “light.turn_on” service action?

I’m now running my light automations directly through node red instead of the deCONZ software and the lights are instant now. Must have been a bug within deCONZ.