DeConz integration shows old switch that isn't available any longer

I have removed an IKEA switch from deconz. But it’s still showing up in the integration.
I’ve restarted both deconz and ha, but it still shows up in HA.
Is there a way to remove it (apart from editing the files directly)?

I believe if you go to HA configuration tab left panel at the bottom, then select entities, scroll down to the device you want too remove and tick the check box, go too the top right and select remove selected and voila gone should be gone…that’s what i do and works a treat, in the previous versions this was not present and drove me nuts trying to find a way to remove entities / devices etc, but now this works a treat for me to remove things, hope this is of use.

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Great, I will try it out then next time. For some reason I’ve had to remove the deconz addon and put it back yesterday, not sure why, but nothing worked. After doing that, the ‘ghost’ was gone.