Deezer media_player

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Does anyone has already try to make a media_player component for Deezer ? I know there is one for Spotify, I wonder if it may work for this one ?

I´m new to the Home Assistant world, I tried to find a Deezer media player and coudnt find it. I would love to have it as well.

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Any chance to see deezer media player one day? Or spotify is the only one ?


News - need deezer in my homeA

B/rgs Mads

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It will be great if a developper in the HASS community is able to implment Deezer.
Deezer is stream music service as Spotify.

Source for API could be found here


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I’d highly appreciate it too!

Hi, I am also looking for a solution on how to use Deezer in HA.

Any news or an alternative solution is appreciated.

All music from Deezer is streaming content protected by Digital Rights Management. If you want to play Deezer on other media players, you may convert Deezer to MP3 first. Here you could directly use a recording tool called TunesKit Audio Capture to download Deezer songs to MP3 and then start your playback.