Default configuration gone

Hello all,

I get the follow error in the configuration.yaml : What can I do to repair this?

default config: Unable to load schema from ‘http://schemas/’:No content.

I home someone home assistant a solution.
Thanx Peter

What do you mean by “in the configuration.yaml”? Where exactly are you seeing this message?

Also, did you copy and paste the message? “home-assistamt”?

No the m is a type error.
When I go with Studio Code Server to the dashboard XXX.XXX.XX.X:8123/a0d7b954_vscode/dashboard where all the yaml files are there is also the file: configuration.yaml. In this file the first line is:

Load default set of integrations. Do not remove.

After default_config: I get the error in red.

When I check the configuration in developer Tools don’t get errors.

If it looks like this, there is nothing to worry about…


Oke, further is don’t see errors. Thankx for the support.