Default dashboard won't load after update do 2021.2.0

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After updating to 2021.2.0 (I run Home Assistant OS on a Pi 4), I got a popup “A new version of the frontend is available. RELOAD”. Since then I can’t load any default, auto-generated dashboard.
The loading circle keeps spinning forever and the JS console show an error at line 946 in webpack://home-assistant-frontend/chunk.a8fc15b8e5d83f800941.js.
I have tried disabling my three HACS custom integrations and using different browser after clearing the cache, but the dashboard still won’t load.
The log files don’t show anything relevant.
Everything else seems working ok.

the same happen to me.
i went into inegrations, select hacs options, and togle all options. it worked for me.


:thinking: Do you mean turn on these in HACS options?

  • Enable AppDaemon apps discovery & tracking
  • Enable NetDaemon apps discovery & tracking
  • Enable debug.
  • Enable experimental features

Didn’t change anything, even after a restart :frowning:

hum… im still a newbie… so i dont know but that just happen to me and came back after that


Same thing here but from a clean install of 2021.2.2 and it is very frustrating. Everything else seems to be working though and only the Overview (/lovelace) keeps showing the loading indicator. All other menus work fine. Automations still running as they should.

This happened 3 times within 2 days and I always had to restore from a working snapshot to get it working again. I tried almost everything, but nothing worked :

  • Restarted HA
  • Restarted Host
  • Clear Browser Cache (Ctrl+F5 and manually deleting all cookies)
  • Incognito Mode
  • Another browser (Firefox)
  • Tried to access from the Android App - same loading issue.
  • Checked config files
  • Disabled a few automations, integrations

There’s nothing in the log file and I’m suspecting below to be related to this issue :

My HA :

Home Assistant OS 5.11
Raspberry Pi4 4GB

I managed to restore Dashboard functionality removing a Shelly 1 device. It was called Balcone and was in an area with the same name (got the same behaviour on a different installation of HA running on VirtualBox).
After that, the Dashboard was working again. Later I re-added the device and everything is now working as intended.

I noticed it was somehow related to allocating a device to an Area or adding Areas. I no longer have this problem when I stopped doing this.