Default Dimmer Brightness

I’m trying to find a way to make my dimmer switch default to full brightness when turned on. I’m hoping this is something I can set in the Z-wave configuration rather than an automation.

I have a GE Z-wave dimmer as well as 2 Inovelli dimmers, one regular the other scene enabled. For now my workaround is making a double tap up on the scene enabled switch go to full brightness.

GE-Zwave dimmers remember what you last set it to when turning on/off. So if you set it to half and shut it off, it will resume at half.

refer to this documentation for the available zwave parameters for the GE devices. I don’t think it can do what you want.

I’ve heard before of people doing something like turning it on for a fraction of a second at the specified brightness, and then immediately turning it off. The light might never even turn on if it’s quick enough. You could have an automation do that a few seconds (or minutes) after the light is turned off.

I don’t know if this will actually work, but it’s worth a shot.

I couldn’t find the answer I was looking for anywhere, so I did end up doing an automation as a workaround. About a week after I finally caved and set up the automation I added another dimmer to my Z-Wave network. Whatever I did this time showed much more information and allowed a default brightness setting within the Z-Wave configuration. I think it may have had something to do with my Z-Wave network key and being added as a secure device.

I cleared out my config file and re added my Z-Wave devices (almost all Inovelli) and now they show more possible configurations in the Z-Wave configuration page. Default brightness, orientation, LED behavior, auto off, etc. The scene controll still appears to be a backend workaround, but since it’s a one time only thing it doesn’t bother me much.