Default tab based per user/device

Now that Custom Header is deprecated, is there a way to show/hide tabs and set a certain tab as default based on user/device/useragent? For example, I have all mobile devices defaulting to a mobile friendly tab.

I’d prefer not to set up individual dashboards to accomplish this.

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Browser-Mod probably.

Hi, im trying to do the same. Did you find a solution??

unfortunately no. The workaround that i came up with is to create a completely separate user and a separate dashboard and make that dashboard the standard for the “mobile” user. Its clunky, but it works for now.

mmm that’s not an option for me, strange that is not yet an option for this. Gonna keep looking!

hmm I am planning a few wall mounted dashboard, i want then to be able to access any tab on my dashboard but return to a default tab after say 10 minutes (and startup on that default tab) anyone seen anything like this?