Delay HA from starting after whole house power loss (recorder/mariaDB/NAS/energy dashboard)

Anyone have any good ways of delaying HA from booting for a period of time after a power loss???

Just had a power outage and discovered a strange phenomenon

I have my db record to my NAS. Unfortunately my HA instance boots faster than my NAS and therefore my instance of MariaDB isnt ready by the time that HA has booted. As a result the recorder fails.

While that isnt so much of an issue - what IS problematic is that the Energy dashboard goes missing in the sidebar because it cant access any history (I suppose)

TBH, I rebooted HA once the NAS was back up and running, so I am unsure whether HA reconnects with the DB later and the energy dashboard becomes available automagically if the connection gets restored.

Comments??? Ideas on how to delay HA startup?

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You could install a delay-on timer in the power supply to the HA server.

and / or, install a UPS so they donโ€™t lose power unless the mains is off for an extended time and the UPS runs flat.