Delete Ghost entity

Hello, i want to remove this ghost entity (Probabily created by the hue integration) but i can’t find how…
I have checked the files inside the .storage directory but i can’t find this entity…

Thansk a lot for all your help

can you not select the entity and then click “remove selected” in the top right?

I can’t select this entity’s… so I can’t also remove… :frowning:

Which entity are you trying to remove? you have a whole list of them there in the picture.

Yes, The entity that have the pencil near

Search your config for light_group, these look like light groups to me and when you created them in yaml you can only remove them in yaml. Thats why you get the pencil next to it.

Thanks a lot @Burningstone :slight_smile:
I will try

Thanks @Burningstone I have finally remove the entities :slight_smile:

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