Deleted Google Home device still showing up

I am completely new to Home Assistant (installed it yesterday) and I have my first question:
Today I deleted a group (which is handled as a device) from within Google Home Android App but it still shows up on the Home Assistant.
How can I get rid of it in Home Assistant, too?

On the iOS app there’s apparently a refresh option for devices, but it doesn’t exist in the Android version of the app. Until that’s addressed if you don’t have an iOS device there’s no way currently to address this.

Thanks for your quick reply and support.

I was told HA does not currently support refresh and it will be added in a future release.

Google expect third party to provide refresh function instead of refresh from Google app.

Currently only way to refresh is go to Google Assistant app and unlink. Then link again. (Possible pain if you are going to be adding a long of devices or making a lot of changes!!!)