Deleted .ios.conf - wont re-created

Hey guys, was having trouble with notifications on my iphone using the IOS app and I also had old devices listed so I deleted the .ios.conf figuring it would re-create itself when I sign back in on the phone. (as per

The file is not re-creating itself, even after reboots.

Any ideas on how to resolve?

I’m going to take a wild-guess here, and say that you need to go into the Home Assistant IOS app, go to the settings, and press RESET. This will clear your connection to home assistant. Then, fill in the connection settings again and save them.

Actually, I think I figured out what the issue was. Instead of deleting the .ios.conf file, I named it .ios.conf.old. I guess HA did not like that. Deleting it did the trick and a new .ios.conf had been created!