Dell Wyse 5070 add Coral accelerator help

Guys, I run HA on Dell Wyse 5070.
I would like to add Coral m.2 accelerator to the Wyse 5070 to help with Frigate etc.

Once I add the card in, what settings do I need to change ?
Do I change anything in HA and the Wyse 5070 ?

Hi @Vaughanza

I’ve recently done exactly this thing. It would be helpful to understand how you are running HA. I’m using the Home Assistant OS and the drivers for the Coral device are already installed. If you are running HA on a different operating system, your experience will then differ from mine.

My card is an A+E device so replaces the wifi/bluetooth card. I made sure to check in the Wyse BIOS that “Wifi” is enabled.

After physically installing the device I could go to Settings… Sysem… Hardware… and click the All Hardware link and see an entry for apex_0 letting me know HA can see the device.

After that I just needed to follow the Frigate instructions for configuring detection.

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Awesome thanks ,
I used the easy method to load HA. I added HA to SSD via raspberry windows setup , then added the SSD sata to the Wyse 5070 and allowed HA to bootup and install.

Working fine but need to add a bigger drive ( SSD sata ) and like to add the coral card to the WiFi slot as you said.

Hopefully Frigate will be able to work better.

I am going to try how you described , thanks for the help

Which coral key will fit in the Dell Wyse 5070 , need to make sure I buy the right one.

The A+E key format is what the wifi card in the Wyse is. so this is a drop in replacement.

The larger B+M key format would need to go in the SSD slot so that won’t be suitable.

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When you say the B+M is ‘larger’, if you mean it’s length, then you can just cut the card to whatever M.2 length you want.

If you cut down the B+M key would it plug into the A+E slot? I thought the slots and pin arrangements are different.


Guys I can get one locally but it’s says it’s a E key

Does not say it’s a A+E key , is there a difference?

Ok by the pic above I see they are different

I was referring to the length of the card not the width. The Coral B+M will fit into the shortest M.2 length, 2230, if you cut the end of the card off.