Denon AVR Network Receiver Turn On

I am a newbie to HA and this is my first post and would appreciate any information that can help me solve my scenario.
I have a Denon AVR Network Receiver connected to Home assistant.
The Denon is connected to electric power using a smart plug. The process that I manually follow to turn on Denon is first I have to turn on the smart plug which will give the AVR power (power led on the front panel of the AVR lights up), then I take the remote control and press the power button to turn on the AVR. For turning off also, I turn off the AVR using its remote control and power off the smart plug.

I would like to automate the same process. I can turn ON the smart plug using HA. Even after getting the power, HA shows the AVR as Unavailable state for approximately 1 minute. I can automate it to ON only once the AVR status is updated as available in HA.
Is there any way I can save that 1 minute time to get the AVR to ON status as soon as it gets power?

Receiver must be on when HA boots or it will be unavailable

Why use smart switch?
Can you not power off denon in HA?

Thanks for your reply @tmjpugh

If I power off denon through HA, the small stand by red led on the front panel still has the light. To turn off that red led on the denon, I using the smart plug to cut off the electric power to denon.

It will be much easier without the switch. The Denon receivers LAN is always connected, when the receiver is on standby. And it’s power consumption in standby is nothing to worry about.
Then you can easily control it from HA whenever you want.
So, the switch in front of it is just overkill…

I have used a smart switch differently to save some power. All of other stuff around the receiver (DVD, PlayStation and such) are behind a switch, which gets activated, when the Denon powers on and deactivated, when receiver goes standby. That way the only instance consuming a minimal power is the receiver it self.

So yeah, it takes 1,5 W continuous, but the setup is never unavailable and ready to be operated from HA and startup is instant… :wink:

Thats what electrical tape is for😁


So what did you do before smart homes were a thing? Unplug the receiver every time you were done using it?

The proper course of action is to lose the smart plug and control the power using the HA integration.

Thanks you @tmjpugh , @BebeMischa and @exx for your inputs. Reading your comments, I feel confident to connect the receiver to power and keep it in standby mode.
I will remove the smart plug in between and connect the receiver directly.