Detect motion outdoors, ignore (small) groundanimals

I’m looking for a solution to detect motion outside but don’t want false triggers by eg a cat/dog.
I guess frigate can do the job but are there other devices that can be used for this?

Suggestions are very welcome!

It depends how you want to detect motion. All sensors nowadays have adjustable sensitivity.
If you need to detect motion just in front of your entrance door, it’s easy task.
If you want to detect something at 10 meters distance, it’s getting tricky. Human at 10 meters is giving same input than dog at 7 meters.

Hi Karosm!

It’s about 2-3 meters.
Do you think that a regular motion sensor could do this?

I have a few Philips Hue indoor zigbee sensors which have 5 levels of motion sensitivity.
They are still configured by default and I have never searched/tried what the result is of these different settings.

It depends on many factors. If there is sun exposure, simple pir sensors are problematic. Sun popping up from clouds is difficult to filter out. In these cases combination sensor is better (pir+ microwave). If sun is not a problem, even cheap pir can work well if located and adjusted correctly. Sometimes you might want to mask the lens partially for best results. If you like tinkering, everything is possible. I once built a sensor with pir to wake up and distance sensor to confirm.