[Dev] Home Assistant OS - Khadas Vim1


I have build Hass OS from Agners dev repo for Khadas Vim1 Device.
It is using Odroid C2 as host config’s though.

Works perfectly fine on my device. I have migrated my RPI3B+ setup to Khadas Vim1 which I had build for a small setup but as the setup is becoming big, vim1 is very stable and working as expected.

I have already published it in Khadas forum but thought I’d post it here to make more users aware of this.
Khadas Forum Link

Hass OS Source

Download HA-OS-Vim1-Dev-7.0-2021-09-19

All credit goes to Agner and HA team.

Je viens d’installer la dernière image de home assistant mais je ne sais pas comment ajouter les addons. je pense qu’il faut les gérer au travers de containers mais je n’ai pas la connexion en ssh avec putty.