Developer required UK preferred

I need someone to help me build a home auto system to monitor an elderly relative remotely.
I have zero knowledge in this space but need someone to provide the direction, recommend the hardware, configure and potentially help with installation.
The sort of monitoring required is
Room by room movement
Carbon monoxide
Door bell
Window door open/closed
Perimeter breach
Integration to voice activation Alexa etc…

Must work remotely and be simple enough for any family member to monitor - that includes my wife :wink:

I am prepare to have a discussion about rates etc. More importantly I need someone with vision backed up with excellent technical skills.

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Hi, I could certainly help with this. Where abouts are you located? Thanks

Near Uxbridge. And you ?

Hue, Eve and Nest products would fulfill many of your requirements

Hi Rob
Thanks for your response. And can home assistant manage all of them ?

Except for Eve, but you could use Homebridge for Eve. There are also z-wave for door-window sensors.
My personal approach is to go for devices that have decent apps of their own but also integrate with HA.

Ok. Now I’m lost…sorry.
Could we have and offline chat ?

Smarthings maybe to keep it simple