Device paring with wrong quirk?

I have 3 Osram Lightify Flex RGBW devices.
All 3 report correctly as “LIGHTIFY Flex RGBW by OSRAM”.
All 3 have the same firmware.
However, 2 are using Quirk: zhaquirks.osram.flexrgbw.FlexRGBW while 1 is using zhaquirks.osram.a19twhite.A19TunableWhite.
Now the weird part is the 1 using the tunable white has an “electrical measurement” sensor that appears to report the light’s color temp. The light works correctly… but sometimes seems less responsive. They are all fairly close an have similar signals.

I’ve paired and un-paired the device and it always seems to grab the wrong quirk. Any ideas how to get it to grab the correct quirk or why it’s grabbing the wrong one?

I am too having this same issue. HAs anyone else had this happen with Osram RGBW devices?

OK so I was having this issue with the Osram A19 RGBW bulbs and it seems like it was a fix that for some reason never made it into the code? The main issue is adding a model hint for the tunable bulb, which seems to get picked up.

The fix here is a bit old - but you can apply the same thing to the current code by modifying these two lines in the

from . import OSRAM, OsramLightCluster

and adding

        MODELS_INFO: [(OSRAM, "LIGHTIFY A19 Tunable White")],

above the first ENDPOINTS line

I made a copy of the zhaquirks osram folder and am just mounting it via docker volume attachment on top of the existing folder, and after re-including the lights, things are working. I’m going to try my BR RGB bulb as well, as this had the same issue. It seems that was being picked up by nearly everything since it didn’t have the model hint.

Unfortunately I’m running on HassOS, so I don’t think I can apply that fix.