Device to Open a RF Gate in Gated Community

I live in a gated community, and I’m looking for a product that can mimic the RF gate opener, so that I am able to use my HA to open the communal gate. I’m the first property in the estate, so the distance from the router in my garage to the communal gate is about 40 metres.

Once done I can get rid of my remotes completely.

Would a device like that Sonoff 433RF / WIFI Bridge be able to do that? :pray:

Edit: Just for clarity, because it is a communal gate, I don’t think I’ll be given permission to install any relay etc in the gate motor, so I’m looking for something to simply mimic my remote.

Hi @campsbayrich,

Depending on which protocol the gate might use, and if it is not rolling codes - which could be very possible for a community gate - OpenMQTTGateway RF could be your solution - with separate STX882 433Mhz Transmitter connected to an ESP32/ESP8266 or installed on a SONOFF RF Bridge.

Thanks @DigiH . I’ll take a look at that as a solution. I’ve typically bought “off the shelf” solutions, but it could be fun to try a project. :slight_smile:

The important thing really is rolling codes :wink: as I would assume a gated community gate would have this implemented for security.

In such a case only correctly assigned remotes for the gate system will be working, and an RF HA solution might not be possible, short from hooking up your authorised remote to HA.