Device Tracker & hide_if_away in known_devices.yaml less era?

Still a Hass n00b and gradually extending the functionality of my Hass setup (docker image on Synology NAS).

It’s quite a challenge to find the right info regarding device tracking in integrations, now with the transition away from known_devices.yaml. Included movies still show old info. Alternatives for old functionality are hard to find. It took me multiple forum searches to see that entity_picture needed to be added via customizations now. I think I also understand now that default lovelace will show a badge (?) for both me as a person and a separate one for my device. Getting rid of one of the two is lovelace configuration and there is no other way to “blend” them “together” automatically.

The thing I can’t get resolved is how to achieve the same goal as you could in known_devices.yaml with hide_if_away: true in a consistent way, so I can absolutely NOT see where a person/device is when not in a zone, nowhere in Hass (Lovelace, map, history, etc. It’s pretty privacy invasive IMO, to track everybody in the family everywhere.

Thanks a lot in advance!