Device Tracker no longer updating


I’ve recently updated HomeAssistant running on my Pi but since the update, my home automations that rely on my mobile being home or away are no longer triggering.
I’m logged into HomeAssistant right now on my mobile, and is showing as “home” (even though I’m away).

The “Geocoded Location” seems to be accurate in tracking my location, but the device_tracker entity isn’t.

Any suggestions?

Can anyone help?

There are more information needed
How do you track if you are at home?
With the mobile app? With your router?

It’s when my mobile enters or leaves my home zone.

Have updated to os 8.4, Frontend 20220707.1 on the weekend but still my automations are failing. Frustrating.

You haven’t answered a question - what kind of device_tracker do you use?

Sorry, thought I had. My device tracker is my mobile phone (OnePlus/Android) which has a device tracker listed as one of it’s entities.

Means - Companion App.
So, your Companion App does not send data in time, yes?
What about battery_level - is this sensor always updated?
If not - welcome to the club. In my practice 3 devices with Companion App do not update data. Probably these devices are considered as “too ancient for HA” - iPhone 5S, iPad Air 2, iPhone 6S+. When I open a Companion App on some device - sensors are updated, then they keep updating for some time, then they stop updating (until I reopen the Companion App). But - even when updating data, these data are not being updated every 1 minute.

Mobile is a relatively new model (OnePlus Nord2) that has been working until I updated the OS on HA. Battery level is showing as correct and if I put the phone onto charge, it instantly updates within the companion app too.

If the device is updating geo location data periodically, then probably there are some problems with “what is considered as being at home” for this integration.

It’s not updating the geolocation at all - always shows as home.

Home/away/in zone - is defined by HA dependingly on coordinates, I think.
Check geo coordinates - are they updated?

Where do I check that?

The device_tracker has coords:

Create template sensors for these attrs.
Place these sensors on an Entities card, add “last-chaged” as secondary info and start monitoring)))
If the Companion App tracks the device’s position, these sensors should change if you leave home.

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Device tracker entity co-ordinates still show me as home, even though I’m away? So looks like the tracker isn’t updating?

However, the entity “Geocoded location” is showing my away location correctly?

Already told you about checking coords.

Yes - I understand. My phone has many entities, I’m just trying to point out that one of the entities “device_tracker” is showing my as home (even using the cordinates of latitude/longtitude) the “geocoded location” has my current correct location (away from home).

Why would two entities on the same device show different?

This is strange.
Both entities - device_tracker.some_phone & sensor.some_phone_geocoded_location belong to the same device.
And they show different data.

Home/Away must be defined based on the current coords - as well as “geocoded_location” must be defined based on the same coords.

Assume some tracker has coords which belong to a point OUTSIDE the “Home zone”.
This means that the tracker is not_home.
Suppose I define a radius of the “Home zone” = 10 km.
Then “geocoded_location” shows me that I am not home - but my tracker is “home”.
I believe that this is not your case?

Yes, correct