Device Tracker - Unifi?

Hi everyone,
I’m experience problem with my device tracking.

If I log on to my unifi I can see that the device is offline but Home Assistant still thinks is home.
I can see that it registered my wife leaving at 06:00 (which is correct) but when I disable the wifi on my phone nothing has happened for over 5min and I know everything is correct because yesterday it reported correctly that I when to work. Is there any delays in the check?


  • platform: unifi
    username: unifi
    password: !secret unifi
    verify_ssl: false
    consider_home: 300
    interval_seconds: 10
    track_new_devices: no

Take HA 15 minute to register away (no exact but basically true).
Wait 20 minute. You get same result?

I will get back to you regarding that :slight_smile: