Device tracker Unifiscanner, always home

I have four phones tracked using the unifi platform. I have one device that is always showing as “home”. I noticed the other three devices show “scanner”: “UnifiScanner”, in their attributes. But the one device that is always home doesn’t have that.

I would assume this is the reason it’s not updating. But I’m not sure how to fix it. Anyone have any ideas? And also, anyone have an explanation of exactly how the unifi platform device tracking works? Just so I can understand what it’s doing.

I have been having an issue with my phone recently like this. Haven’t been able to figure out the reason. Removing the entry in known_devices.yaml and letting HA re-add it took care of it.

Just pay attention to the new device name that gets added so you can adjust the entity_id if needed to match your past entry.

I have the same problem, except I’m using the nmap scanner. I’m not meaning to hijack the thread – I just suspect it may be related. The device that gets stuck as being ‘home’ also lacks the ‘scanner’ attribute.

Here’s an issue opened on github:

Did you experience these problems on HA 0.83?

Huh… So it may not be the unifi component. I deleted the device from the the known devices list and I’m waiting for the user to return home so it can be re-scanned and added. I’ll report back with the findings.

And I’m using 0.87.0

Having the same issue with Unifiscanner where the device tracker is always home even with the phone powered off. Running 0.87.1. I have found that the phone is still listed in the unify controller and so HA does mark it as connected. Once I click “reconnect” in the interface it goes away and so HA detects it. At this point it looks like a controller bug. Using 5.9.29

Deleting the device from the known devices and restarting it seemed to work.

However, I did have an issue with another device getting stuck in home status in HA. Even after I turned wifi off and hit reconnect in unifi to make sure it wasn’t in the list. HA would not release the status. Even if I tried to change the state manually it would still immediately return to “home”. I had to remove and rescan in HA for it to get back to normal.

And that’s the same version I’m using. 5.9.29.