Device tracker, weird updates

Since a number of updates ago I get a strange behavior from HA, specifically how it reports the home/not_home from device trackers.
I causes me problems since I have automations that trigger when devices are reported as being home/not_home.
Before anyone says: “it’s the unreliability from the devices which is the issue” I need to clarify a bit.
I’m well aware how GPS device trackers can “jump” around and report odd locations but I’m pretty sure that is not it in this instance (I have tried setting a really wide range, not helping) and also the fact that I didn’t have the problem in earlier releases.
Also, look at the image from my History page, there are reports just stating “home” but there’s no report of not_home before that, just home, surrounded by home.
I see this in a number of device trackers (life360, google maps, HA companion app tracker), and not only for me, for family members as well.
I have worked around this using Node Red to demand that a state (home) is reported as that for more than 5 s before triggering anything.
My conclusion, something was changed in the Device Tracker that made it behave like this.
I think there should be something similar to what I have setup in Node Red, wait a little bit before reporting a state, also make sure the reported state differs from previous state before reporting.
Any thoughts?
Anyone seeing the same thing?