Device tracking yet again..... what next?

Hello one and all…

I have bleated on about device tracking before but it is starting to annoy me again. I currently use GPSLogger and on the whole it works “fine” but when it doesn’t what a ball ache. My wifes phone can get stuck at home, in the street, basically anywhere. Then last night, we both arrive home, hers is working perfectly and mine arrived home 10 minutes later! We have android phones mine 6 hers 7.

So do I stick or twist? I used to use nmap as well, but that was horrible due to her phone dozing at night.

I have 2 wifi routers (well 3 but one is for outside) 1 TP-Link and 1 ASUS (sharing the same SSID), both getting DHCP from the outside one which is the cable modem. All 3 CAT5e linked (no idea why I am mentioning this!)

Is it worth buying an ibeacon to link up with owntracks? I found owntracks on its “own” flaky on android… i.e. arriving home way after we have.

Any other options please? I now have proximity working which I was going to start an use, but again if one of our locations gets stuck, it is no good when I want to to turn the lights on when we arrive home, or turn the heating on.

Any thoughts please?


Try Zanzito. I use it for some time and have no problems.

Combine the trackers.

I use OwnTracks, nmap, and bluetooth. The trio gives me reliable tracking.

would you mind sharing your config please? what ibeacon do you use?

thanks, I will take a look

I don’t use an iBeacon, just bluetooth tracking.

OwnTracks and NMap can work as a single entity, it’s then just a matter of creating a group with both the NMap/OwnTracks and Bluetooth trackers, and using its state - it will show Home when any device is home.

Thanks I did use nmap and owntracks and then nmap and gps logger in a single entity but still had issues with it flipping from home and away, mainly at night.

This was my config

  - platform: nmap_tracker
    home_interval: 10
    interval_seconds: 180
    consider_home: 180
    track_new_devices: no
  - platform: gpslogger
#  - platform: owntracks

did I do something wrong? and I would love to use bluetooth but my HA is now in the loft and bluetooth isn’t great from there. Hence maybe an ibeacon is a good option?


An iBeacon might help, but I’ve never used one so can’t say from my own experience.

However, if you’re grouping both the gpslogger and nmap trackers, and your gpslogger is accurate enough for you to be considered home, I’d expect that to work.

Thats what I thought. Does your nmap look similar to this?? flipping home/away?


I’ve got a combined nmap + OwnTracks, so mine is more stable.


ah ok but if you looked at just the nmap part it might look the same as mine?

I assume so, but there’s no “nmap part” because they’re effectively a single tracker.

thanks… I guess I am being far too anal as usual :slight_smile:

You gotta get these things “right” - I get that :slight_smile: That’s largely why I’ve got a merged nmap+OwnTracks then grouped with Bluetooth so that I’m never mistakenly not_home. It just comes down to trying things out until you get what works with your environment.

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good point… I think I have realsied my error, I before added the MAC address into the OwnTracks/GPSLogger entry instead of classing them as 2 entities and putting into another group. Makes perfect sense now… and I ordered an ibeacon today to chuck in the mix :joy:

sorry me again… just been playing with grouping… so yours looks like this now?

Very much, with my version of “Mark” being the nmap + OwnTracks and the other being Bluetooth. I don’t actually display that though, I’ve got a custom sensor that displays the zone name if the device is in a zone, else the travel time to home.

Oh I like this! Very cool.

Ohhh fancy I like thanks. I take it that is your github config?
I want nmap to work, but just been out and my wifes android 7 phone, both nmap and gpslogger were 2-3 minute behind us actually arriving home. I have ordered an ibeacon to see if that is better with owntracks. Everything else is perfect, just this damn tracker malarkey :slight_smile:


Nmap on it’s own isn’t reliable, because modern phones put the WiFi to sleep when the phone sleeps. An iBeacon might help, but using Bluetooth tracking certainly will. The simple option is to ensure your HA server is relatively central, if that doesn’t work then consider using a Pi Zero W somewhere more centrally as a remote Bluetooth tracker that you could connect via MQTT Statestream or Eventstream.

thanks, I just moved my HA into a docker on my qnap in the loft. Hence trying an ibeacon, as they say to go 100m, so I thought if I stick in the hallway, it should reach the drive, ground, floor and 1st floor. I did try bluetooth tracking when I had HA on the RPi3 and it just wasn’t reliable…

You have made me open my eyes to things i hadn’t though off… thanks!