Device_wifi_connection sensor not working when location is turned off

I currently have Home Assistant running on a RPI 3.
Installed the mobile app on both my and my wife’s phone.

for both smartphones I enabled the device_wifi_Sensor to check to which wifi network it’s connected.
However this only works when the GPS is also active.

As my wife is sort of minimalistic with her device she prefers to turn off everything (4G/5G, GPS, Wifi) when she is away. Only turning things on when she needs them. Even at home she only turns on the wifi connection and nothing more.

On my Dashboard i have two tiles that show the the SSID if the connected network but that stops working when she turns off the GPS. Same issue on my phone.

How can i fix this or work around this?
She does not like to keep her GPS running as it “consumes too much battery”