Differences between two HA installs

My production HA instance has been running for about a year, continuously upgraded and now running 2021.8

My test HA instance is new, installed two weeks ago as 2021.7, and upgraded to 2021.8

The ssh-addon seems very different in them
Prod: default shell is bash, there’s no /usr/local/bin/docker
Test: default shell is zsh, and there’s a handy /usr/local/bin/docker

I realize that I’m likely not providing enough info, but any reason they would be so different ? I think I installed both HA’s the same way. They are both running as “Home Assistant OS” within a VM.


Ahhhh, I think I’m onto something. Amazing what occurs to you in the process of writing up your question:

Prod: Running the add-on called “Terminal and SSH”
Test: Running the add-on called “SSH and Web Terminal”

Terminal and SSH
Gets a top security rating of “6”, so that’s good, right ?

SSH and Web Terminal
Get a security rating of “1”, I guess because of the following
Has a handy setting to turn off “Protection Mode”
Which gives you total access to “docker” commands
Which is super handy for jumping into my InfluxDB container and examining the database

Any reason I should prefer one over the other ?