Different Color/Size or Custom Color/Size for Categories in List View or Icon Displayed

I have another FR for the Categories in the Automations list. My HA network is still fairly young (Only 2+ Months since switching away from Homeseer) and love the addition of the Categories for Home Automations. I have approx 50ish Automations created in my system so far and as I start to doom scroll through the list of them, it is hard to spot the different categories easily.

The request is to have the Categories, in my scenario, Time of Day Automations, Office, Automations, Motion Sensor Automations, etc… to either be a different font size or color so they pop out as you scroll or allow a custom color/font for each. Additionally because we are assigning an icon to each category, it would be nice if that displayed in the list as it would pop out easier than just a sea of text.