Different icon color Ikea Tradfri vs Philips HUE in my Lovelace

Hi all,

My Lovelace is acting a bit strange. I’ve been trying to match the icon color on my Lovelace to the state of my lights for a long time. The funny thing is that some icons do change and some don’t. I suspect that the difference is in the brand of the lamp. I have connected a number of Ikea Tradfri lamps to my Philips Hue hub. It seems that these Ikea lamps are displayed differently (blue) in my Lovelace than the Philips Hue lamps (orange). Who can help me further on where I should look for a solution? I’m still fairly new to Home Assistant so please explain in children’s language :wink:

Thanks in advance!


That’s very interesting. I too have a mixture of zigbee bulbs from Philips, Ikea & some other Tuya based companies. In my case they all toggle to the same colours, except that the ones i have that support dimming can be a different shade of the colour based on the brightness level.

In my case all my bulbs are white only but i wonder if a coloured light bulb behaves differently?

Also, what theme are you using in Lovelace. If you change theme do you get different results?