Different representation of entity in lovelace for internal and external URL address

Hi all,

i updated a couple of hours ago to Home Assistant 2021.6.3 and notice different view for my dashboard on internal and for the external address.

I use knx for my light control, for example

- name: Bureau licht
    address: '0/0/2'
    state_address: '0/1/2'
    brightness_address: '0/2/1'
    brightness_state_address: '0/3/1'

I show it in lovelace with the custom slider-entity-row

type: entities
  - type: custom:slider-entity-row
    entity: light.bureau_licht
    name: Algemeen

that always worked but after the update i see this on my external address
and this in my internal address

how can it be 2 different representations? to be clear the internal address is the correct one.
for the external to show the slider i have to click the entity and turn the light on and then it is shown.

anyone has a clue were the problem is?

Clear cache ?

ok feeling dump right now