Different user = different dashboards?

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Hi All, I’m using HA Core 0.115.1
I’ve created an additional dashboard and named i Ewa and created a view containing what I want my wife Ewa to be able to see and use.
Then I changed her profile page and set the new dashboard as her default, and chose to hide the side panel. So far, so good, and when she logs on, she’s taken directly to the desired dashboard view. But she can still see the menu icon (The three horisontal bars) and access the menu, which allows her to edit her own profile and change all the settings. so in essence, it doesn’t seem possible to restrict ordinary users from full admin privileges, or - is it?
And by the way, if she launches HA using this URL: HA_IP:8123/lovelace/default_view she’ll be taken directly to the my admin frontend (it doesn’t take a genius to figure that URL out).
Does the above mean that there isn’t any real way for an admin to control what user can and can’t do?

Perhaps this is another WTH issue?

Hi, you will always see the url with a normal browser unless you use kiosk mode with a browser which supports this.
Also, do you know Custom Header?
If not, have a look at it.


Hi @Nick4,
If I’m not mistaken, Custom Headeris a HACS integration. And if so, it’s not officially supported by HA. Thus building dependencies on a non-supported features to handle user management, doesn’t seem like a good idea. Suddenly one day HACS breaks and none of my users can log in anymore? (or even worse; they all suddenly get admin privileges)
If HA isn’t fully able to provide proper user management, giving an admin full control over the user base, then I guess the issue remains a WTH for now.