Difficulty getting device tracking to work on TP-Link router

HI, my first post here, and have gone from initially overwhelmed to optimistic I can do this after a week. My wink, nest, lights, switches, harmony hub and locks have been paired, and finally caught on to the logic behind the automation and have that working albeit in its simplest form. Most conditions happening according to the Home/Away mode of the Nest. I would prefer device tracking as a better condition to my automations. My issue lies in I want to add device tracking through my TP-Link C9 v1 router running firmware 3.17.0 Build 20161008 Rel.64225n. Always the same “null” error typing document.getElementById(login-password).value; in the console Even tried "userName-pcPassword" and nothing. I can type in … document.getElementById("pcPassword").value; and it will show my admin password but not the encrypted value like I should be seeing to enter into my config.yaml.

Any help or workarounds would be very appreciated…

Same thing here. The getting your encrypted password method never worked for me but by keeping a default password of “admin” I was able to get in and successfully track devices. Then a few months ago an update broke that and now neither method works.

Bummer too. I use Bluetooth now and GPS Logger. Have hiccups about once a month. But now it’s practically impossible for me to track when guests are at my house. Maybe one day!

Maybe one day is right, glad I’m not alone on that. haha I hope there is a work around that those smarter than I can find.

I tried the MQTT (which I hadn’t heard of before this software) device tracking and couldn’t seem to get a handle on that one…yet. Put the Owntracks app on my phone but after witnessing the app work in Public mode, I couldn’t see anything when set to Private after installing Mosquito broker in Hass.io. Sure I’m missing something on that end. More reading and trial and error. ha

Try bluetooth! That has been pretty much flawless for me. It did make it so the only way to technically restart HA was via command line by rebooting my Pi though. But I can deal with that.

Sometimes it bugs out. But not often at all. Got GPS Logger to make sure something is always working. but THAT even bugs out. Which means my leaving home automation doesn’t work sometimes. (coming home always work).

Hopefully somewhere down the line an official Android app fixes this.

Thanks for the idea, didn’t know that was an option.

I just entered
- platform: bluetooth_tracker into my Hassio configuration.yaml and got another string of errors on reboot. Error setting up platform bluetooth_tracker Traceback (most recent call last): etc… I’ll search the help and boards, but its tough finding a lot of relevant info for Hassio as there is different fixes for different builds from what I can see. If nothing I’ll start a new thread regarding bluetooth tracking in Hassio.

I also worry since my build is in the basement, how the tracking will work upstairs in the main living area.

Ah yeah the reliability from your basement might not be the best… My house is one floor and my range covers the whole thing so for me it works. Also I didn’t realize you’ve got Hass.io…Im running the all in one install so I won’t be much help there.

Got it working! See iPhone now in my states window. Had to install the bluetooth 43xx Addon.