Difficulty moving Lovelace cards between views

I’m seeing an issue pop-up more and more that is frustrating me quite a bit. When I try to move a card from one view to another, it will not work most of the time.

I recently setup a mobile interface, with a top card including a home button, that I want to replicate to all my views. I can duplicate the card just fine, but when I go to move it, it will do one of 2 things:

  • Nothing. Completely ignores my choice and keeps the card on the current view.

  • Moves it to the Home view instead.

  • Moves it to the intended view. Note it only seems to do this after I CRTL+F5 the page to reload.

Video of this happening

Running Windows 10 with Firefox, but seeing it in Chrome as well as the iOS app. Anyone else seeing this issue more and more lately?

I have seen the same issue crop up a few times for me as well. (Seems to be since the latest update or so… it’s recent.) Thankfully I don’t move cards all that often, so at least to me, it’s simply an annoyance / inconvenience.

Yup! It takes a couple tries, but eventually gets everything moved.

GitHub Issue opened

Still happening… :frowning:

STILL happening.

  1. The issue was closed as stale. Probably you need to create a new one if you still experience the issue.
  2. I myself never experienced it… Using Chrome + Win10.

Still happening, 2024.3.3, firefox on Windows 10

This is SO frustrating - and so many wrong and/or hopelessly out of date answers out there - I have mae a new view and want to move my sensor cards across from my increasingly large main page to a sensor view (tabbed). Edit - click the 3 dots on the card and there are options to duplicate or copy the card- I htit copy - when I move to my new sensors view - no matter where I hit PASTE the card will NOT appear on the new view. Using Windows 11 64 bit - up to date Chrome.

Ideas anyone?