Digoo DG-ZXD21 door/window sensors?

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Is anyone using these? Such low cost, Tasmota flashable, but I just can’t get the config right, or find an example to follow.

Ive just got some. I cant even get them to pair to the crappy Digoo App.

I tried Tuya convert OTA and got:
Device did not appear with the intermediate firmware.
I kept it alive by using the magnet.

I have flashed them, it just took a LOT of tries. It was like a race, playing a video game.

But I have been unable to use them, I cannot figure out how to get HA to recognize them.

Have you used Tuya-convert to flash other things? I would be glad to send a backup of the firmware I replaced, so you can compare. If it is the same, it should be OTA flashable.

In the meantime, I bought a bunch of Wyze Sense gadgets. They are equally cheap, but integrate perfectly and easily.

I did try Tuya OTA. I gave up I thought I was getting somewhere but ended up with the error above. And as you say even if I was successful I wasn’t sure i would get them into HA. Will try just to get them working as per manufacturers instructions.
I would love the wyze ones they look
perfect. Sadly they’re not available here in the UK.

I simply followed this http://www.thesmarthomehookup.com/tuya-convert-walk-through-february-2019/#comments. I have down some lights through it. When you say the firmware you used, as I say I just followed the guide. Seems I must have missed something?

It just occurs to me that the firmware the Digoo DG-ZXD21 ships with may have been updated, and that the Tuya-Convert scripts may no longer work on them. If your devices run the same stock firmware mine do, then it follows that yours would be flashable OTA. If your firmware is newer, then maybe not.