Diivoo / Tuya / Smart Home Hose Water Valve

With spring right around the corner (well, for us Canadians), the DiiVoo water valve to control your hose works great. The issue is turning it on via home assistant, which you can turn off super easily.

When you make a scene in the smart home app, make sure when you select the device, add the action to turn the switch on and also select a countdown with x seconds.

The valve will not turn on if you don’t specify how many seconds you want it on. I seem to forget that part each spring, so I’m including it in this chat.

Once you create the scene in the smart home app, then you can trigger it with the Tuyu integration easily inside of HA.

Which integration do you use to add this valve to HA? Tnx from Toronto

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I’ve tried to do as you describe but it doesnt work. I’ve a Diivoo Valve.

I have created a scene i Tuya app, where i us If (Launch Tap-to-Run) and Then use Control Single Device and choose Valve Controller, then Switch and then On. Then I also add Countdown and choose for 10 seconds.

Now I have created a scene in Tuya app that i can see in Home assistant but when I activate the scene from Home assistant i get an error in Tuya app that the task failed to launch and nothing more happends.

Do you see anything obvious wrong in my setup?

Sorry for the delay, I use the stock Tuya one in-home assistant.

Let me grab some screenshots of my setup here.

  1. I made this tap to run in my Smart Life App not the Tuya one, so utterly confusing, half the reason I made this post so next year I don’t have to figure it all out again.

  2. Use the stock Tuya integration and it should pull over the device and this “tap to run” as a scene that you can Activate.

  3. Obtaining the User Code For Sign-In is all the first 4 steps here also Tuya - Home Assistant