Dimm Zigbee Light with KNX Switch thru Node Red?

Is this possible?

I have connected all my zigbee lights with knx switches using node red (knx easy and HA call service), turning on and off is easy, but dimming is not so. When the dimming switch is pressed, knx send the following telegram:


I dont know what should I do with this. Any ideas?


Any ideas?

You should dimm up.
“decr_incr” indicates the direction: 0 for decrease, 1 for incresase
“data” indicates the dimming speed: 001b…111b:Step Number of intervals = 2^(stepcode-1)
The dimming shall stop when a “data”:0 telegram is received (any direction).

Hi Farmio,

yes I found a possible solution in this node-red forum thread, it is exactly what you mean… now I need to find out how to parse the data coming from the knx switches to the “button input to state” node and then the data going from the “dimmer controller” node to the HA call service node. Since I am not a coder this is kind of difficult… but at least is a start.

Anyway, I would appreciate any help to get this working