Dimmer at min still lights small leds


I have a Jasco 45852 dimmer module which is connected to a number of LED Christmas lights.

These lights are micro 3mm units in strings of 100. I have about 6 of them daisy chained.

These “bulbs” are supposed to be 10X the brightness of regular LEDs.

At 100% in Hass.io, they are difficult to look at. That wattage is about 20-25 watts for the whole string, at full brightness and 9-10 watts to make it comfortable.

My problem is when fully dimmer down, or simply turned off, there is a tiny, ghostly glow to the lights. The power monitor on the dimmer says 0 watts, but either the Jasco has a huge super capacitor, there is some leakage…maybe a watt or less?

I’ll try adding something to she dimmer, like a night light or something and see if that helps.

Does any one know what ZHA settings I could try that really remove power from the socket?